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Two weeks ago the Lord spoke to me about the disciplines involved in writing for this blog and provoked me to get my act together and write more often. No, it wasn’t dramatic. No smoke or lightning, but the stomach grabbing awareness that he was trying get through to me was undeniable.

From the inception of aboutLEADING, my goal has been to write about observations and insights that occur at the intersection of life and leadership. It is the intersection where I live and a place I long to make a contribution. The discipline of writing for this blog forces me to transform an intuitive “a-ha” from raw concept into a more articulated form.

However, as my life and responsibilities ran wild, my writing rhythms took a back seat and my production pace diminished to about one article a month.

Sorry, that just doesn’t cut it. It is time to raise my game.

So, on a recent flight, I did a little review of the Moleskine™ notebook in which I log key ideas and lessons and realized that right now I am sitting on more than 150 ideas and insights that have stirred me and for which this blog is perfectly designed. Without ever working on anything else, that pool of ideas would provide three years worth of fodder for weekly entries.

And that’s the goal.  A new entry every week. Sure, there may be times when I miss a week, but we are all big kids and a missed week won’t defeat the basic plan.  At the core, this is one simple way I am committed to give my life and my learning away to a community of friends and colleagues.

I’ll see you next week.

BONUS:  By the way, if you don’t have a personal method for capturing the ideas and lessons you discover along the way, drop me a note and I would be glad to share an easy approach to doing just that.

3 thoughts on “Raising My Game

  1. 150! Wow, well I’m looking forward to the sudden output of those ideas. I do not have a consistent method for capturing ideas & lessons along the way. Some make it in to my journal, some onto my blog, and then I lose a lot. What’s your system?

    Merry Christmas, Gary.

  2. I’m not completely sure if the 150 number is encouraging or overwhelming. But I do know it is pretty incredible to see how much real estate God has covered in my own learning journey the past couple years. I will send you a one page word.doc with my basic game plan for logging these insights.

    Merry Christmas back at you.

  3. I too am interested in your methods for capturing ideas and lessons along the way. This article has inspired me to take action.

    I also don’t (yet) know how to use the technology to write a blog that is so easy to navigate and easy to read as yours – and I know some yound people who can help me with that.

    I googled ‘leadership radar’ which is a session I want to do for a group of Korean business people – and that search lead me to your site. I am so glad that it did. Thank you

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