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What am I learning?

Feb 7, 2018 I spoke to the staff of Rock Harbor on the things I am learning as a leader in ministry and on the clarity of God’s call to raise up and give my life away to leaders 2 or more generations behind me. (55min)

2 thoughts on “What Am I Learning — podcast

    1. Thanks Keith! Look forward to sharing the details, discoveries, and God-shaped adventures along the way. I realize I have been hanging with and loving on next gen leaders since I was in my early twenties–since I was barely one myself. It has been a life-giving well for me. Now God is saying, it’s no longer one of the things I do, but the integrating center of all I do.

      I think I am surrounded by a cadre of like-minded folks –like you– who’ve been living out the same call on their lives. I am looking forward to some collaborative moments for us as all.

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